BIOBALL Urinal System #50142-1 Bucket of 50
BIOBALL Urinal System #50142-1 Bucket of 50 BIOBALL Urinal System #50142 Single

BIOBALL Urinal System #50142-1 Bucket of 50

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Completely Eco Friendly
Reduces Foul Urinal Odors
Keeps Your Urinal Drains Clear
Prevents Urinal "Backing Up"
Negates Need For Aggressive Chemicals


Removes Outlet Scale & Stains
Biological Action & Suitable For Most Types Of Urinal

Prevent Foul Odors
Helps Remove & Dissipate Most Types Of Odor Causing Drain Waste

Reduce Drain Blockages
Dissipates Uric Salts & Other Waste Matter



Every time the urinal is used the fluid passes over the BIOBALL and erodes a small amount of friendly bacterium into the drain.

The bacterium then replicates itself while it devours foul odor causing bad bacterium and soften the hard uric scale deposits ensuring the drain remains serviceable and hygienic, the flushing water assists the bacterium to move down the drain consuming more waste as it goes.

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