AMTC-HG01, Plug-in Hydro-Power Electric Generator

AMTC-HG01, Plug-in Hydro-Power Electric Generator

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Extends Battery Life
For Use in:
Office Buildings


The hydro-generator is a device that is used as an alternate power source with AMTC’s sensor faucet systems. The hydro-generator easily adapts to the faucet system to provide for many years of dependable operation and eliminates the need to routinely replace batteries or use electrical power. The hydro-generator is recommended for high traffic facilities where the faucets get frequent use such as office buildings, restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc.


The hydro-generator includes a small rechargeable battery pack that charges itself with the water that flows through the faucet system after every use. With as little as five uses per day the hydro-generator will allow for 10+ years of operation making it the most eco-friendly and efficient way to power your automatic faucet system.

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