EverPrime® Drain Trap Liquid- #1514 Qt or #1501 Gl
Waterless EverPrime® #1514 Waterless EverPrime® #1501 Waterless EverPrime® #1514 Waterless EverPrime® #1501

EverPrime® Drain Trap Liquid- #1514 Qt or #1501 Gl

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  • Eliminates dangerous sewer vapors
  • Great for empty or abandoned buildings
  • Long-Lasting - No Evaporation
  • Biodegradable - Improves IAQ
  • 1 bottle can service 10-42 drains (depending on drain size)

Description & Applications

Everprime® is a biodegradable liquid that does not evaporate or go rancid - Stays in place until washed out
Can be used in floor & shower drains, HVAC/Condensate drains, plumbing fixtures, and drains with broken trap primers.

Great for schools, colleges, stadiums, hospitals, and other facilities where buildings/rooms are not occupied for an extended time

Directions for Use:

Simply Add It... and Forget It!
Building Side Only:

Pour one gallon of water into the drain and then add EverPrime®:
For traps up to 2" - add 3oz EverPrime®
For traps 3" or 4" - add 6oz EverPrime®

Building Side & Drain Side:

Pour one quart of EverPrime® into an empty one-gallon plastic water jug. Add water to within 3" from the top. Shake the jug vigorously and quickly pour the mixed liquid into the drain to fill the trap seal. Keep the remaining mixture in the jug until your next dry trap application.

Note: Large quantities of water entering the trap may wash away the EverPrime®. Simply refill when needed.

Quarts - 12 per Case
Gallon - 4 per Case

**Add a #4002/4003 Portion-Aid to your order for ease of measurement


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