NviroClean™ Cleaner & Deodorizer - Quart #1614

NviroClean™ Cleaner & Deodorizer - Quart #1614

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No wiping or scrubbing needed
Spray and walk away
Pleasant fragrance
Helps reduce the prolonged build-up


Urinal Fixture Cleaning Made Simple!
Specifically designed for use with any Waterless urinal, NviroClean™ is simply sprayed onto the inside surface of the urinal and leave alone. NO WIPING or SCRUBBING needed. Upon contact, this cleaner is activated to break down any minute residual urine and transports it into the trap insert. Prolonged use will also assist in the possible reduction of build-up in the trap insert, effectively extending the trap life. Works on all non-water using and flushed urinals


Spray NviroClean™ liberally across the inside surface of the urinal and onto the EcoTrap®. DO NOT WIPE OR CLEAN OFF! Do not use other cleaners on the urinals while using NviroClean™. This product may also be used to sanitize the outer surface of the urinal and surrounding walls and floors.

12-quart bottles per case

Also available in Gallons #1601 (Individual or Case quantity: 4) - Please call for gallon pricing

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