ATS Ultimate Luber™ -Model 500

ATS Ultimate Luber™ -Model 500

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The ATS Ultimate Luber Model 500 is an advanced lubrication system specifically designed for extreme industrial environments. It is capable of delivering up to 10 times more lubricant than traditional systems, and offers unparalleled precision for both grease and oil applications. It is reliable, efficient, and built to last in even the most demanding industrial settings.

  • Application | Single or Multi-Point (up to 12 points)
  • Size | 17oz capacity (500 cc)
  • Technology | Powerful mechanical fixed-displacement pump
  • Dispensing Power | Up to 1000 PSI Can be remotely mounted up to 30 ft
  • Power Source (not included) |  Battery pack or remote AC/DC power (call for remote options)
  • Cycle | Refillable with standard grease gun or pump
  • Operating Span | Refilled as needed Variable from 14 days to 2 years
  • LED Indicators | Tri-color LEDs to indicate normal operation, low battery, low temp
  • Weatherproof | Suitable for outdoor, Weather cap available
  • Dispensing Rate | Standard timed intervals or custom programming available
  • Includes 1/2"F X 1/4"m Brass Adapter


The Ultimate Luber™ is a powerful, motor-driven automatic lubricator which is refillable using standard grease guns. Its microprocessor-controlled, energy-efficient motor delivers grease to a fixed displacement pump which produces pressures up to 1000 PSI. This strength allows the Ultimate Luber™ to drive lubricant through long feed lines and to cycle progressive distributors to feed several bearings consecutively. When a dispensing cycle is selected, the units will activate at programmed intervals. At each interval, the Ultimate Luber™ dispenses approximately 500cc's of grease. Neither temperature nor altitude will affect the lubricant output.


  • Size | 17oz capacity (500 cc)
  • Temperature Range: -4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C)
  • Dispensing Power | Up to 1000 PSI
  • Can be Remote Mounted to 30 feet
  • Multi-Point Configuration up to 12 points using progressive distribution Block
  • Set to empty in 15 days or up to 1 year

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