Signature™ Odor Blocker - Quart #1414

Signature™ Odor Blocker - Quart #1414

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General-purpose deodorizer
For use in all rooms and surfaces
Pleasant fragrance


Signature™ is a specially formulated deodorizer to leaving a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance in any room where applied! Not needed for waterless urinals. Simply spray a couple of whiffs in any room corner and experience its long-lasting scent.
Great surface or air deodorant for the elimination of malodors in rooms, trash receptacles or any area where disagreeable odors occur. May be added to mopping solution or carpet shampoo solutions for effective deodorizing.
Great deodorizer for restrooms, offices, and smelly places. It can also be used to mask odors at trap exchanges.


12-quart bottles per case

Sprayer not included, available separately

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